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Our Mission Statement is simple, to be the IT provider of choice for small to medium size businesses, whilst investing in our people so that we deliver exceptional customer service. Over 35 years experience working in the IT industry, originally set out to provide a service and now offering full IT services and support.

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RT Systems and Solutions is an IT solutions provider based in Oxfordshire. Our team consists of highly motivated consultants and professionally trained technicians, with years of experience on hand to tackle every challenge our clients may face.

Our Approach

We get to know you and your systems; this way we learn quickly your business goals and objectives and can ensure the support services that you will entrust to us will meet your needs. We certainly don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ and will tailor your support service to fit your business.  All of our processes are gear around delivering excellent customer service.

Customer Focus

Reduced administration and management – with the time you’ll save, you can get on with managing your own buisness. Improved reliability and responsive support – less downtime means better business continuity and happier customers. Mitigate risk – enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an effective risk mananagement strategy. Proven cost savings – manage your IT costs, reduce your overheads and increase your profitability. Your tailored IT support will give you seamless service delivered by our expert team. Let us eliminate the day-to-day worries associated with managing your own IT systems. You’ll have the benefit of your own specialist technical team without the worry of sickness, holidays or personnel headaches

IT Extraordinaire

Tap into our vast knowledge and years of experience and see tangible benefits.

We’re totally customer driven – our creative solutions are always client focussed and relevant and offer real value


You’ve got an idea, an objective but you’re not sure how your IT system is going to get you there? Our consultants have many years of experience and best practise and will provide the best possible advice for your business.

Project Management

Never to be underestimated the importance of solid Project Management; our specialists are focused on project delivery and avoiding cost and time slippage to ensure your projects are delivered on time and to budget.

End User Support

Keeping your employees working efficiently will be crucial so tailoring your support needs to your business needs is what we do. Providing first class response times and timely resolutions is key to our Helpdesk service.

Server Management

You may already have IT Staff or want to use our all-inclusive service; either way we have a first class monitoring solution which ensures your server estate is constantly watched over and early signs of issues are dealt with promptly. Whether you have physical or virtual servers you can rest assured with us they are in good hands.

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